Wrinkles on the face

You want to get rid of wrinkles on the face? You are interested in, how can you reduce the manifestation of wrinkles and fine lines? In the article you can check with tips on the prevention and purification of the person of wrinkles.

Why in the face wrinkles appear?

Aging, unfortunately, inevitable, and one of the first places to show signs, the person act. This is the result of the loss of elasticity and sagging of the skin. Visually the state of the skin is shown in the form of fine lines, wrinkles and / or folds, in different parts of the face and the body.


But the appearance of wrinkles does not always mean that the person ages. There are still several reasons for their education in the face.

When active facial expressions, for example, if you often and actively frowning and smiling, they can leave traces in the form of so-called of the facial wrinkles and lines around the movement of the muscles. Can seem quite cute, but over time can become in the deep waters of the line, which is not so pleasing to the eye.

There is the opinion that friction during sleep, causing the emergence of this problem in the long term. A dermatologist can tell you which side to sleep a person just by looking at the face, because in it, likely to be the most visible of the wrinkle.

The skin of the face can also wrinkle as a result of damage caused by excess exposure to the sun. Also, it is advisable to revise your diet, since it is known that poor nutrition leads to the aging of the organism. The excessive consumption of sugar and tobacco have a negative effect on the collagen in the skin, which results in the formation of wrinkles.

All of this means that a wrong choice of life style can have a negative impact on the state of the skin, even if a person is relatively young.

The methods of removal

Laser therapy

This non-surgical way to soften or reduce the wrinkles. The more natural result compared to other procedures and visible through a brief period of time. A session considerably reduce its manifestation, even in the position more to the damaged skin.

Non-surgical facelift

As its name indicates, it is a face wash, which is achieved without performing any operation. These methods include the address of the microstreaming on the part of the face with wrinkles and toning. The procedure is suitable for those who want to rejuvenate the skin, in fact, not before going under the knife. Thermage is one of the most popular non-surgical methods of manipulation, but are also available more new approaches to the procedure. You can consult with the toilet of surgeons, to know what other type of methods for the stretching of the skin without surgery.


Vitamin E, as it is known, is able to fight against wrinkles on the face as on the inside and the outside. The food rich in vitamin E, will provide the skin the necessary protection to prevent further damage, especially the sun. You can also use face cream or lotion with a content of vitamin E. the Reception of the capsules and their contents directly on the trouble spots may also help.

Vitamin C helps to fight wrinkles on the face and helps the skin's recovery, as it is compatible with the production of collagen. Be sure to include foods rich in this vitamin in the diet, whether it is the pursuit of soft, smooth skin.


If the needle – usual thing and is not afraid of, this technique is ideal for solving the problem. Several generations of asian women have used this procedure to clean the face wrinkles, maintaining a balance between the yin and the yang.

The needle when placed at different points of the face, which stimulates the body to produce collagen under the skin. This treatment is also called cosmetic acupuncture. There is the opinion that this procedure is the best for the fine lines or wrinkles in the face, but can also help to reduce and deeper.


This is, basically, injections, targeting the area of wrinkles in the face. Are classified by their composition, the most popular filler, hyaluronic acid is found. It is also often used synthetic and fillers of collagen. Its cost is much lower than that of the lift surgery, and the result can be observed through several minutes after the injection.

The effect can last 4 to 12 months depending on the composition of the filling material.


Many products on the market that promise to smooth your skin and restore it to its former glory. But not all of them can really help. The best anti-wrinkle cream facial should contain moisturizers and rejuvenators of the components in a single product. A good indication that the cream has beneficial properties – the presence in the composition of lifting cream vitamin C.

A good anti-wrinkle cream does not have to be expensive. Some of the cheaper products in drugstores received a very high valuation consumers. Customers can be a good source of information on the effectiveness. There are also creams that are suitable for different types of skin, for example, for sensitive skin or fat.

Some brands prefer to create a variety of products, suitable for different ages or stages of development of the problems. This means that one of them is the best for deep wrinkles, and the other is for children of its manifestations. It is also divided in daytime and night of the tool. These ratings can help you choose the best cream and ultimately improve the chances of success of the efforts of the fight against this problem.

The coconut oil

causes of wrinkles

The use of this oil goes beyond the preparation of food; it can also help to reduce the wrinkles on the face through the hydration of the skin and restore its elasticity. It is necessary to apply the coconut oil, cold-pressed every day, clean, with a massage and toning in the areas to be treated to achieve good results.

The tape

Special adhesive tape is considered a surgical alternative to surgery. During the procedure of these adhesive tapes of different width and length at a time stuck in certain areas of the face, after which relieve it. This gives a good temporary effect to smooth out the wrinkles. But you can not use it permanently, but it is also convenient for someone to see this tool! In the network a lot of information and diagrams of how to do it correctly. But you can also perform this procedure in the salon.

In addition to this procedure, the adhesive tape can be tightened to tighten the skin, reducing or eliminating wrinkles in time, until the tape is anchored along the hair line and hidden underneath the hair, or the scarf. Effect of face lift instant.

The gel cleanser

In the market there are many anti-aging and cleansers for skin care. You can replace one of them in regular procedures. A good gel for washing should contain antioxidants, as well as hydrating.

Natural mask

You can yourself in the home to prepare a face mask of wrinkles. As the mask can be put the honey. While the results are quite short, but is effective in the natural quality of the tool to soften the skin.

After the honey mask, it can be seen that the wrinkles on the face are less pronounced. Honey can also be mixed with lemon or egg protein and mixture to use as a mask for the face, making skin more supple and reduce the manifestation of wrinkles. As soon as the mask is dry, it is necessary to clean and apply hot coconut oil massage movements on the face.

You can also use the avocado to combat this problem. The vitamin A in the avocado, as it is known, stimulates the production of collagen, which contributes to the youthfulness of the skin. It also contains antioxidants, able to fight the damage caused by free radicals.

These properties make the avocado not only the most popular, but also one of the best ways to get rid of wrinkles. It must grate a quarter of a ripe avocado before creamy consistency and apply on cleansed face. To leave in 25 minutes, then rinse.


Exercises for the face, designed for the removal of wrinkles, are not very similar to the curves and stretch marks in the normal yoga. Although not all of them are easy to do, but have a good effect.


Lanolin – animal fat, which assigns the epidermis of sheep. He is able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and to moisten your. It also forms a barrier to prevent moisture loss. Moist skin always looks less wrinkled. You can use pure lanolin, or enriched with creams lanolin.

The apple cider vinegar

The apple cider vinegar has many health properties, including the fight against the age-related changes, using the tonic. You must mix the vinegar with water in equal quantities and use this mixture every day as a tonic. No need to rinse.

Prevention measures

The dream in the back

Because one of the causes of the appearance of wrinkles is related to the friction of the bed-clothes during sleep, it makes sense to find the way to avoid this. We have to try not to sleep face in the pillow. Instead, it is better to sleep on your back.

Avoid excess exposure to the sun

You should use a sunscreen and media attention, which include components with uv filters. If you have the opportunity, it is not worth spending a lot of time under the direct sunlight.

Quit smoking

The tobacco and the collagen are not supported. It is necessary to make a choice between the skin smooth, without wrinkles and of addiction.

Consume a sufficient amount of water

Wet the skin, as already mentioned, has the tendency to have a more youthful and smooth. Therefore, it is worthwhile to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day and more.

There are useful products

You should consume foods with low sugar content, rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Let the power help to maintain the beauty and youth, and is not painful.

A good night's sleep

the fight against wrinkles

For the total health of the body needs adequate rest. What this will help to prevent the formation of wrinkles is a nice bonus.

Use moisturizers of the tool

Coconut and other light moisturisers such as argan oil, are ideal for maintaining the elasticity, smoothness and hydration of the skin, and prevent wrinkles on the face.

Washing correctly

Not worth it too often, washing your face, as it is stripped of its natural oils, and the dryness negatively affects the skin. Soft or gentle cleaning is also more secure for the conservation of the natural humidity.

It is true that the skin may wrinkle large, a sudden loss of weight. Therefore, it is important to be careful when selecting the method of thinning. A progressive decrease of the mass of the body will help you avoid premature wrinkles.

A regular program of exercises to help tone the skin and moisturizers and a sufficient amount of water will help you stay smooth and elastic.