The care of the person after 30 years of: salon, home, beauty recipes

Three decades abroad, many women experience what is difficult. Despite his youth, it seems that continues, as we got to know the early signs of aging. Someone the skin stays "the bravo" to the last, maintaining freshness and elasticity. However, the majority of the representatives of the beautiful sex begins to suffer from age-related changes and complex. For the thing was not so catastrophic, is necessary for the proper care of the person after the 30, which is able to imagine provide each seorita, care their appearance. To this we must approach it in a very responsible, then, in 40 years you will not see in the 50's.

the care of the person after 30

Changes in the skin after 30 years

You have to understand that the changes that occur in the skin after 30 years, are manifested all differently. In spite of this, are unavoidable. Someone will deal with them already on 32, and some only 40 years. One way or another, but its appearance may be delayed if you do the proper and regular care of the person after 30 years, which may include both the air of the cabin of the methodology and of the procedures and the application of various resources in the home. But know your enemy, therefore, all the changes that occur in this age with the skin, should be known.

  • The synthesis of collagen and elastic fibers in the cells gradually slows down, and because they are the ones that form the connective tissue, are responsible for their recovery, maintain the turgor (elasticity) of the skin.
  • The water balance starts to be: precious moisture in increasing quantities evaporates from the cells. Starts a slow but accurate, the dehydration and the weakening of the epidermis.
  • The process of regeneration of the damaged cells is slowing down. The result — the skin loses tone, becomes dark, and it looks as if stretched.
  • Loses sharpness, it propagates the contour of the face.
  • It was after 30 years of age are the wrinkles in the area of the throat in the form of folds at the corners of the mouth and the eyes.
  • Increasingly, in the morning, of 30 years, the woman is obliged to observe in the mirror the puffiness, bags, dark circles.
  • The color of the face is damaged, becomes earthy gray, mediocre, heterogeneous. Especially this is manifest, if the woman smokes or alcohol abuse.
  • They are persistent age spots and freckles.

All of these changes of age to spoil the mood and make you think about your age and appearance. Ensure competent, timely care of the skin of the face after the 30 becomes a priority, it is still not too late. Normal daily hydration will no longer be sufficient. You have to use the tool and give a procedures that can support the youth and delay the aging process. All of this is not complete rejuvenation: about him, it is simply too early to tell at this age. Much better would be to appoint the care of the conservation and renewal of youth.

Useful advice

If, looking in the mirror at 30 years old, do not see neither an age of changes, as described above, the relaxation of all modes is not worth. Cosmetologists assert that in these cases, aging comes abruptly and unexpectedly. So anyway be careful with the care of your skin after 30 years, even if you are in a perfect state. Remember: it is not forever.

The care of the person after 30 years in the classroom

30 years is the age at which he is not ashamed already to seek professional help in a cosmetology salon. If you are concerned about the renewal and the conservation of youth and the freshness of your skin, be sure to visit the aesthetic. After the inspection we will propose a set of procedures designed to improve the state of the epidermis. Regular cab for the care of the person makes any woman of this age much younger than their years. What recommendations can give you a professional?

facial treatments
  1. The skin cleaning after 30 years, guarantees the freshness of the skin, contributes to the thriving of the perception of the vulnerability of other treatments of procedures. In the cabin can offer or hardware manual cleaning. If there are financial constraints, it is better to give preference to hardware ultrasound: provides skin with gentle care, causes fewer side effects, has toned action. The recovery period after it is only 1-2 days. Beautician, who determines the course of the proceedings. Normally it is 1 to 2 times a month.
  2. Facial peel after 30 years, you only need to: it removes the epidermis of dirt from the surface of the sebaceous glands of the tubing, the "tired" of the layer of dead cells. The skin care field peeling easier to "breathe" better perceived masks, creams and other products for cleaning. In this age in the cabin can offer chemical peel. He has a trauma, but it is very smooth the first wrinkles.
  3. The mesotherapy facial involves the injection of active substances through a needle under the skin. In 30 years kolyat solutions with vitamins and antioxidants the compositions in small amounts to keep the skin young and strengthen the oval of the face.
  4. Biorevitalizatsiya person essentially mesotherapy, but it is totally different in its content. More often in women after the age of 30 in some areas of the face, it introduces the solution of the famous hyaluronic acid: can be the nasolabial folds, the area around the lips, corners of the eyes, the chin, etc Hyaluronic acid is integrated organically into the structure of the skin, fills the vacuum, wrinkles, maintains the elasticity, moisture — provides the necessary care.
  5. Individual cosmetics has a very high efficiency. Focuses on the problems of those who want to get rid of. Experienced beautician to pick up exclusive of the composition, and you can even create for you a natural lotion, cream, serum, mask, which can be used for the conservation of the youth of a person in the home.

The cabin of the care of the skin of the face after 30 years is high-performance. The professionalism of aesthetics and modern innovative technologies in this area allow you to hide the first changes that occur in the skin. This gives a woman the self-confidence, eliminates the unnecessary complex, which contributes to the objective assessment of their appearance. However, not all are in a hurry in the beauty salon, to discover in the mirror pesky wrinkles. Someone does not have extra money, of procedures, of someone who values every minute of his time, and well, and some people are just accustomed to rely only on himself. To do in those cases?

In the note

Even if you have so much lack of time or money in the professional care behind a person after you've hit 30 years old, use all the reserves of forces and finances, with the purpose of some time, but a visit of aesthetics. Identify the main problems of your skin and tells it to the correct address, then you will be able to move by itself.

Care in the home to a person after 30 years

Care of the skin of the face after 30 years in the home involves two along the way. In the first place, the strengthening of the application of the funds: creams, tonics, lotions, scrubs, etc, In the second place, the preparation of such tools, own hands of the food items you have in your kitchen, in the bag or in the medicine cabinet. If good pick up skin makeup especially for this age and mastering the art in the home of cosmetology for the recipes, age changes in the near future is unlikely to bother you.

the beautiful skin of the face
  1. The facial massage is the basis of domestic, the care of the skin after 30 years. Provides active the flow of blood to the surface layers of the epidermis, ensuring the nutrition of the cells. It is enriched with oxygen and nutrients and, in consequence, the cells recover more quickly and are updated. If desired, this effect can increase the contrast of massage with the use of ice cubes, which is recommended to clean the discoloration the skin. He squeezes, refreshing, improves color of the face, strengthens the protective properties of the epidermis.
  2. Gentle Peeling, is carried out correctly in the home, it is more secure than the cabin. Not traumatiza the skin, it is recommended to do after the age of 30, two times a week. You can use carts of scrub or the oatmeal, candied honey, coffee masses, pine nuts, etc
  3. Allow the mask after 30 years it is able to do real miracles in the framework of the "abe b" of the attention. In the first place, is natural, and therefore are completely safe and effective. In the second place, to save finances. In the third place, their great diversity allows you to make the choice of the right tool for your type of skin and under your problem.

In the care of the skin of the face after 30 years also includes the neat and very good to use decorative and products. Must be of good quality, that is to say, she's not worth saving in this age. And don't forget to take in the night, otherwise, the contamination of the pores and the sebaceous glands of the pipes can not be avoided. And this will speed up the aging process in several times. All of the procedures and of the media, you should pay special attention to the scrubs and masks.

All serious!

You think that masks are not very effective, but they consume a lot of energy, time and products? Worth trying at least once to pamper the delicate skin of home cloth mask, or — and about the problems of his age of 30 years they will probably forget. Well, now you're going to enjoy them permanently.

Allow the masks and scrubs after 30

The primary function of the home masks and scrubs, designed for the care of skin after 30 years, freshness, hydration, toning and rejuvenation. On the lifting effect in an age in which think it is still too early, is that it is very light and not so bright light. To not get lost in the variety of recipes that you can use.

  • Facial mask rejuvenating

Cut several fleshy leaves with the lower part of the aloe vera. Two weeks of bear in the refrigerator, wrapped in gauze. After cleaning your skin, removing the pulp. Mix (1 tablespoon) with warm olive oil (the same amount). This mask moisturizes perfectly the skin of the face after 30 years of age, promotes the regeneration of cells. Duration: 15 to 30 minutes.

  • A nourishing mask

Convert the pulp of the banana puree, mix (1 tablespoon) chopped bran cereal (the same amount), add the egg yolk, warm honey (1 teaspoon). Until you get the desired consistency, breed warm the olive oil. This type of mask improves color of the face, the tiredness, makes wrinkles less visible. The duration is of half an hour.

  • Pullup mask

In equal amounts mix kiosks, pharmaceutical glycerin, honey and oats, the flour. With the help of a mask quickly and qualitatively give an outline of the face contours. The duration is 20 minutes.

  • Coffee scrub with sour cream

Used coffee dregs to mix with the sour cream in equal proportions. Apply on skin and massage gently for 5-7 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

mask for the face

Regular home care of the person after 30 available for all women, which reflects not only on its current state of the skin, but of what is waiting for you already after 10 years. To warn full age changes in the form of ptosis and wrinkles, it is necessary to regular and proper care of the person. The minimum set of products natural, along with the daily 10-minute procedures shall ensure the skin youth and beauty in the next few years. He just needs time to reflect on this, and 30 years old more suitable is the time to do this.