The care of the combined skin of the face: the tips of aesthetics

The care of the combined skin of the face is different from the care of the other types, as for she should pick up a variety of tools for different parts of the face. The fact that in it there are areas with oily skin areas and dry or normal. For mixed skin types and special-of-the-line media, and you can also use cosmetics for oily, dry and normal skin, but it is necessary to understand how to do it correctly.

the care of the person

The signs of

To begin, we must understand what is in reality the of your skin. Consider the simplest way to know your skin type. After washing your face with the gel or the foam is not necessary to apply to the skin any cream. Wait 2 hours and attach to face with the napkin. If in the area of the forehead nose and chin have been traces of fatty and in the place of cheek stain or not, or are expressed weakly, then your skin type is mixed.

The owners of this epidermis, you should take care of the T-zone, as in the type of the skin, and on the other by the parties, as by dry cleaning or normal. As a dry type in case that the stains of fat on the area of the cheeks on a napkin is not stayed, and as normal for the type, if the grease stains, but are expressed weaker than in the t-zone.

The combined type of the skin of the face can be known by the following reasons:

  • Oily skin in the T zone: the chin, nose and forehead. In these areas, black spots, skin porous and shiny.
  • The dryness in the rest of areas: cheeks, temples. Here, by contrast, then there is practically no, and the thin skin. Sometimes, this part of the face can be normal, therefore, the dryness may not feel.
  • The washing of gels, foams, person seats are nice and soft, and places — dry and tight.
  • When you apply a cleaner or real cream, T-area is converted into fat, and the rest of the face becomes fresh and soft.
  • Derivation in t, the area through a couple of hours after the last attention begins to shine, and to Shine.
  • When you apply a tonic or micellar the tool, this zone acquires freshness, and the cheeks and whisky dry.
  • In the T-zone, often occurring rashes.
  • When you use fatty creams of the chin, nose and forehead are converted into fats, and the rest of the face is irritated.

According to statistics, about 80% of young women have a mixed type of skin, and with age it returns to normal. But until that time, be sure to follow behind it and avoid the extremes. Here is a important competent to the selection of cosmetics. If you use the cream for dry skin, fat pitches will be even more to produce the fat in the skin and cause problems in the face. And if you apply a moisturizing cream for oily skin, dryness of the area may be scaly and annoying.

Combined type-most common skin, but your carrier point out that with the age T, the area, being less fatty, and the skin returns to normal.

Daily care

To maintain the appearance of younger skin and, in general, a well-maintained, without having to resort to a large number of cosmetic products requires the daily care of the person.

The main stages of these procedures, cleaning and hydration. This is probably the most important ingredient in the care of the skin. Gradually the same daily activities are divided into:

  • purification;
  • toning;
  • the hydration;
  • protection.

The stool of

These should be done twice a day: after awakening and before going to bed. Why is it necessary in the morning? At night the body part of toxins and wastes in the surface of the epidermis, and it is necessary to remove them. If not, with a new layer of cream and other means of you hammered all this dirt in the pores. In the morning, simply wash the face with water with gel or foam for washing.


At night, the purification of the skin, preferably, in several stages. At least in 2 steps.

What means are good for the of-make-up:

  • Hydrophilic oil of new tools that, in the beginning did Korean brands, and now have released their own versions, and other businesses. Well it removes the dirt, but it is also very than now, struggling with acne and blackheads, removes excess fat. Parking and high price.
  • Natural oils is an alternative special oil. The most lightweight of them are — almond apricot & grape seed, jojoba.
  • Micellar environment. First was just micellar water, now have appeared different gels.

The next step of the stool:

  • soft foam;
  • gels.

When choosing, you need to see which type they are intended for. It is not worth to give preference to the means that clean the skin until the creaking and the feeling of oppression. For example, koreans from the foam, since the skin loses not only fat, but precious moisture and high risk of drying out.

Wash the tool should cool the water. If you use hot, the sebaceous glands begin to work actively, and the problems in the T-zone and more.

It is recommended after washing, to walk upon the face of cotton or a microfiber cloth. If this attribute is clear in color, what you see in him traces of creams and other cosmetics. So a means to get rid of makeup is really difficult.


In the future, you should apply a tonic for the skin. It neutralizes the negative effect of hard water from the tap. You can also use lotions. Important, that was without alcohol.

The hydration and protection

The next step is hydration. You must select the day and night moisturizers with the structure easy, and it is recommended to collect them from serum, also in the night and in the day. First you apply the serum, then the cream.

After the application of the serum, let it dry. This rule applies to any of the media that is applied on the skin. Then comes the moisturizer. For the combination skin and the best place to buy two of the cream: one for oily skin and another for dry skin or normal (depending on what dry or normal skin on the cheeks). The first cream to be applied on the T-zone, and the second in all the other areas of the person. One and another moisturizer should have sun protection. In winter it is enough cream with SPF 10, while in summer no less than 20. Therefore, at the same time makes the hydration and protects the skin against the negative effects of the sun's rays.

A weekly maintenance

In addition to the daily procedures 1-2 times a week is recommended to do an exfoliation and facial mask.


Many women underneath peels understand the use of scrubs. Have mechanical action and damage the skin, and in the case of acne can contribute to the care of the microorganisms in the neighbouring countries of the pores. Therefore, it is better to use the peel of acid fruit in the base. You can buy cars, as well as to prepare home-made fruit and vegetables.

masks for the skin of the face

When you apply the peel you should pay attention to the T-zone and your cheeks and the whiskey not to touch, or very delicately to spend with them.

The mask

The second option in the care of the skin — the mask. Can be used as the fabric, and various liquids and compaction of the mask and the film. It is not necessary to select dear media, here suits and masks simple manufacturers of mass-market. But it is better to choose an organic brand.

Important to apply these tools equipped with: cleaning, warming and refreshing — in the T-zone, and moisturizers, nutritious — in the rest of the face.

You can prepare face masks homemade clay-based white and a variety of oils and broths of herbs.

Seasonal characteristics of the attention

The summer

In summer, it is recommended the use of textures and light to avoid creams that are dense. In place of tones and powder have to give the preference of BB and ss-creams. Be careful of your cream has a sun protection factor of at least 20.

The t zone is necessary more often to clean and Mat, as it is in summer when more shining and bright.

The winter

In winter, on the contrary, the skin dries out and on the street, and on the premises, due to the heating systems, the air is dry. Here will help to moisturizers and air ionizers, or, at least, wet towels, that should hide the battery in the night.

You also need to use nutrients and moisturizing creams and regularly apply on the lip balms because the lips are more vulnerable to dryness and cracking.

The care at different ages

To keep the youth, the elasticity and the freshness of the person, it is best to consult a cosmetologist, even in 20-25 years and together develop the maintenance program. Beautician detects the type of skin that have problems and are necessary for the caregivers of activities is not only external, but also internal, such as the receipt of the company's dietary supplements, nutrition correction.

In 20-25 years the attention is in the purification, tonizatsii and hydration, as well as weekly rituals.

In the 26 and 30 years must be carried out, the peeling of aesthetics, as well as to enjoy a serum with hyaluronic acid for the prevention or elimination of small wrinkles of expression.

In 31-34 years you need even more intensive moisturizing the skin, as well as to enjoy a face-lift-creams and masks. Good effect gives the vacuum massage, can be carried out and of the house, acquiring the set of boats with the owners of empty.

In the 35 to 39 years of refresh and restore the skin can only hyaluronic acid injection. You can buy and the make-up, in which it is present, you just have to pay attention to the shape of the substance, as well as the particular acid is not able to penetrate into the pores of the skin and stays only on the surface.

In the period between 40 and 50 years should visit the gynecologist and endocrinologist, to soften the manifestations of the menopause and more easily survive the completion of the formulation of estrogen, the hormone of beauty, which makes women bulk apple. To the procedures, you can add cosmetic innovation with the retinoid, the courses of the serums, and masks.

After 50 person should continue to support creams, moisturizers and serums, and to a greater effect of access to kosmetologicheskim the hardware and the procedures.

Useful air of the cabin of the procedure

The air of the cabin of a procedure must be carry out, in consultation with the cosmetlogo-dermatologist. Between the cabin air filters of the procedures we can distinguish the following:

tips of aesthetics
  • Massage with the help of a special device, with a light power of the exposure. The electrical impulses stimulate the skin and stimulate the blood flow, as well as the appointment of new cells. The result is more fresh and elastic of the person. The cleaning can cause more abundant growth of unwanted hair.
  • Lymphatic drainage — a massage of natural vacuum of the supports.
  • Cryotherapy is a cold treatment. Designed to tone the skin, gives a lifting effect;
  • Hardware cleaning, lifting, peeling more in-depth methods that allow for measures of care.
  • Mesotherapy — the injection of nutrient cocktails, such as the hyaluronic acid.
  • The lifting or radiovolnovoy lifting is the activation of the collagen.