As for skin care of the face after 30 years

At an early age it seems that the skin to always be stretchy, smooth and radiant. And to do this you will not have to make any effort. But often, to get the "natural" color, modern and old (sometimes very young) ladies who have to put on the skin of, as a minimum, four tools (it is ridiculous): primer (base layer), concealer, powder and concealer (corrector). For this not to happen to you, it is necessary to ensure the proper care of the skin of the face after 30 years (perhaps before).

What depends on the state of the skin

skin care after 30

Start to take care of yourself preferably with 50 years, and when he reaches the teenage years, not to postpone for later. Then will come old age, and with it, the menopause, aches and pains, grandchildren, and will not be until youth and beauty. You do not have to see here a call to leave the things and run to a plastic surgeon or esthetician (though sometimes not hurt). Do this is never too late.

Surely mom repeated, daily care, and even explained to what to do and how. But for some reason the soup of the conference has gone nowhere. And just as the reflection in the mirror, and when you see the first wrinkles, we remember his classes. The idea of this post is simple: the sooner you start care, the more time and funds-saving in the future.

To begin, let's explain the causes of aging. Because not in vain it is said that to achieve victory you know your enemy. To do this, the factors that influence the state of the skin, we will study it in more depth and will collect the method of the struggle of each one. In the courtyard of the era of high technology and science moves ahead by leaps and bounds, but a single tool-the aging of the cells of the epithelium, no one has invented. And the tool, completely stop this process, it is still a dream of all women.

The withering of the skin, especially on the face, contribute to the following causes:

  • genetics of inheritance;
  • time;
  • the natural conditions;
  • bad habits (lack of sleep, tobacco, alcohol);
  • power;
  • the external exposure (cuts, bruises);
  • the state of health.

Turned aside the genetic component to influence this now anyone) consider factors that the man is able to modify or reduce to the minimum its negative effects and methods of correction.

The time

From the age of 30 starts the discoloration of the skin. This is manifested in the decrease of the turgor (elasticity), provisaniem (loss of elasticity), the appearance of expression lines and age wrinkles. These processes appear because of the age of the loss of hyaluronic acid.

Stop the running of the time, without magic, none of us has, of course, impossible. But with the anti-aging media (peptides, lotions, serums, such as hyaluronic acid, worthy to appear at any age, it is in our hands. And not always to do that requires huge tools, and the extreme measures of plastic. This is what we will leave for later.

The natural conditions

The sun, wind, cold – you can dose the time, or change of place of residence. Completely reduce to nothing, is not going to work. Therefore, knowing the impact, remains to make adjustments:

  • the rays of the sun evaporates the moisture and the ruin of the ultraviolet light, it means the application of a moisturizer with SPF filter summer will help to avoid consequences;
  • the wind buffers the upper layers and dries, it may help the peeling and nourishing cream;
  • cold, its effect is ambiguous positive is intertwined with the negative, to neutralize the negativity in winter you need to nutritional (in bold) of the cream.

Bad habits

This factor is in the hands of every woman. Give up the cigarettes, the alcohol, the time of lying down, they are capable of everything. Another thing that many people simply do not want to, or in the struggle against the habits wins banal laziness. Since the options that has always, working shifts for days of sleep must be complete, not less than 7 hours. During this time, the body has time to recover. And taking into account that the regeneration after 30-35 slows down need all 8.

The power

The man is what he eats. Right to speak, with a slight modification it is necessary to take into account and work gastrointestinal. The power must be complete. The use of the large amount of fruits and vegetables, the presence in the diet of cereals and soups, contribute to the correct exchange of substances, a stable functioning of the digestive system. Which implies the improvement of the shape and appearance.

External impact

Regular of the injury (if active classes in wrestling, boxing), the use of irritants to the media, the finding in the interior of an aggressive environment – beauty, exactly, is not added. The scars and adhesions adorn only men. Therefore, these factors must be reduce to nothing.

The state of health of

All diseases, stress, infections immediately reflected on the face. They say that in a nasty rash, redness, the dark circles under the eyes, swelling, and color modes (icteric, gray, earth). To avoid these troubles will help you to regulate the prevention of the health.

Includes annual health examination, vaccination against the most common infections and the correct way of life.

Stress is good for the calming.

Some general tips

mask for the face

In short: to achieve a rejuvenating effect, or the conservation of the youth of a person of a medium will not be enough. You will need a set of measures and cosmetic products. They will focus on:

  • the purification (including removal of dead skin cells), the recovery of the vitality (toning);
  • hydration and nutrition.

The first stage you need to remove all impacts on the external environment. A day in the skin lies a large amount of dust particles, impurities (from the exhaust pipes of automobiles), chemicals, which are abundant, see in the air of large cities. At night it builds up the sweat and the excretion products (fat).

Products of selection are mixed with the sweat, closes the pores, forming foci of inflammation, redness, blackheads.

First, foam, water, clean the face, then (no more than 3 times a week) using a slight peeling, exfoliating Hot cell. We process the tonic and do the appropriate (day or night) cream on the face. The area of the eyes and the lips can also apply the cream, but designed precisely for these purposes.

The second is intended for the replenishment of the nutrients necessary for the regeneration of the skin. The hydration, the light cream with the particle prison of moisture, - that in periods of summer, when high temperatures increase water loss. The power, respectively, more fat than cream, it is necessary in the winter, when the body has to provide heat.

After the purification, after 30 years, it adds an extra step – the replacement of the cells of the epidermis, such as hyaluronic acid. To do this, before applying the cream, you can use peptides cocktails, the sera are medicinal products.

In addition to daily care, every two-three days it is advisable to carry out a deeper care of the mask, the tool for the stimulation of the processes of change, oils, extracts.

Ideally, each woman, in addition to makeup products in the bathroom on the shelf must be:

  • the day and the night cream;
  • the tool of care of the skin around the eyes and lips (usually combined);
  • the foam in the wash or micellar water;
  • a tool to facilitate the exfoliation;
  • tonic;
  • serum with hyaluronic acid

The main rule for the conservation of the beauty and health of the skin – care should be regular and daily. Select 15 minutes in the morning and 10 at night is not as difficult as someone will seem. To watch tv programs every two-three days can be combined with the layout of the mask.

Home care

The most popular is the in-home care. Because it does not require additional costs to the remuneration of aesthetics. In function of the same, acts the patient.

There is confusion, that only the air in the cabin of a procedure able to preserve the youthfulness and health of skin. Properly used and popular tools, sometimes, much more effective than those of the factory. As they contain live ingredients.

The mask of fruits, vegetables and berries contain higher amounts of vitamins than the manufacturer's. Thus, its effect will be greater. The life-giving power of honey (you can see in the video below) and propolis also it is desirable to apply without processing.

Many recipes of masks made by the manufacturers of the basis of popular recipes. Since it is not surprising that the major manufacturers are held every year competitions for the best recipes.

The house you can use the berry of pure, which saves a great amount of time. Simple tools become a powerful weapon against the aging of the skin. Mineral water in form of ice – tones and invigorates no worse than the lotions. The egg white because of its nutritious properties it is able to compete, except that, with the placenta. Its ability to tighten the pores and smooth wrinkles has been scientifically proven.

In the hands of the beautician

A hike to the beautician replaces the week of in-home care. But with the condition that the specialist of high qualification, and the walk is not as if the payment of the promotion. To find a wizard that your case is quite difficult. Cosmetics of the rooms is done each year more.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the comments left by visitors in the book of complaints and suggestions (if any) or search the internet. You can talk with the friends of the girls, as it already has similar services. It is also necessary to pay attention to the specialization of the wizard.

The second sign (after search), it is enough high price on the service. But the question more easy. In the first visit, the visitor always receives the recommendations of the aesthetics of care, the choice of tools of a more effective way of the company.

At this time you exhale, only air from the cabin of the procedure (chemical peeling, certain masks, injections of beauty, etc). Subsequently ponies (estheticians are people, too) only in their realization. The wizard will even tell you what mask and where better than to do. The rest of the steps necessary to move independently.

You can also, according to design a programme of a week in which include the home and classroom care.

The fineness of the age of attention

bad habits

To avoid damaging the weakened skin of all the women, stepping 30 years of age, the alien must comply with certain rules and secrets:

  1. Apply the cream should be light hammering movement, avoiding friction, which is stretched and traumatiza the skin;
  2. The procedure carry out not only the person, but also with the area of the neck and the neckline, will require less maintenance;
  3. Keep in mind the type of skin and choose a proper tool for the job, paying attention to the age. Because caring for dry or mixed skin with more than 25 years, the woman need to at all as well as take care of oily skin after the age of 30 years;
  4. Night cream apply preferably one hour before sleep;
  5. Lipids, antioxidants, hyaluronic complex, it is best to apply after the domestic use of the cream;
  6. Before bed, or drink a lot of fluid, there can be swelling;
  7. Daily massage with the fingertips, the how and the contrast of treatments of water is capable of without collagen to increase the elasticity and raise the skin tone.

Ideally, the care of the skin after 30 years, must be like the air of the cabin of the procedure, and of the house. Because without a daily moisturizing and cleaning will be harder. Each of them has advantages and defects. We want your skin of youth, health and radiance.