Care of the skin of the face after 30 years: beauty tips

Many women will agree with the statement that after thirty life has just begun. This is really so, because the majority of studies in the past, there is a permanent job and stable income, and the children grew. Apparently, life is beautiful. But it is precisely in this age, the representatives of the beautiful sex they realize that the youth slowly passes by, you come to the maturity, which leads to wrinkles, fade the color of the skin of the face, dark circles and puffiness of the eyelids. Now looking in the mirror, you can find new wrinkles and a lot of defects.

the care of a person of 30 years

Youth is not eternal, but if you know and enjoy the tips for the care of the person after the 30-year milestone of 37 you will see in 25. So today we are going to talk about the care of the skin of the face after 30 years.

Care of the skin of the face after 30 years: the secrets and recommendations

The main rule is always young, seem to have a good well-being is moderate exercise, a healthy diet, refusal of bad habits. Forget for order to make, reduce the amount taken alcohol.

Without the fulfillment of these requirements will not be necessary to the result, even with the help of the most expensive creams. By the way, many of cream 30+ is manufactured on the basis of the ingredients, this is important to keep in mind while selecting cosmetics.

If you are a supporter of a proper diet, doing exercise, then is the time to get to know all the secrets that will help you to prolong the youth of the skin of the face and entire body in general.

  • Start the day well. With the cleaning of the skin of the face. In any case, the soap, clean with water, milk or tonics. In the evening on the face, and form deposits of fat, which should be cleaned prior to the application of the day cream.
  • Learn how to wash. Not every woman knows that after 30 years, to wash, do not need cold and hot water. This procedure is ideal for cold and room temperature water. Some beauticians recommend the use of mineral water with gas.
  • Include in your diet juice, parsley, celery and/or cabbage. This benefits not only affect your well-being and increases the immunity, but is also well affect the appearance, in particular in the color of the face and the tone of the skin. YES no it is delicious! YES — opposite! And as you like it?! In the fight for the beauty after 30 is in need of radical measures.
  • Not to forget the 8 hours of sleep. This is important, otherwise, the mark in the form of bags under the eyes and swelling of the morning will be provided.
  • Take care of your facial or body. To the contrary, the age-wrinkles are added to the lines of expression.
  • Drink the daily norm of water, and has the taste of green tea. The water improves the metabolic processes in the body and green tea contains substances that generate free radicals from the body, therefore, slow the ageing process. I want to point out that it is best to drink chinese green tea. With more than benefits in the stacking.
  • Drink liquid to no more than a couple of hours before bedtime. During this time, drunk water, kefir, etc, to "escape" from your body and manifest themselves in the form of edema of the morning.
  • Use special cream. 30 years is the time, when it is time to begin to use the cream with the mention "Anti-aging". In its composition should be acidic the fruit, the collagen, elastin, vitamins A, With, In, e.g.
  • Limit the time spent in the sun. Take the sun in the morning and in the evening, when the sun's rays are not as aggressive. Always use a sunscreen with a high SPF-filter.
  • the care of a person of 30 years for the oily skin
  • Regularly use fluorescent and nightlife of the creams. In the composition of the day cream should contain SPF-filter, since even sitting in front of a computer, the person is exposed to the radiation.
  • If the changes of age as "shouting" in your face, is that you can already buy the makeup marked with anti— age. But remember, the data of the cosmetics are applied until carry when you stop use of the cell structure returns to its original position.
  • Use the serum for the face. The means of the concentration of nutrients in several times greater than that of the creams. Therefore, to apply every day of the year, it is not recommended. Pass at least 2 courses per year (spring and fall).
  • Apply cosmetics only by the lines of massage.
  • Regularly use cleaning products and face masks nutritious.
  • Several times a year attends beauty treatments, where the aesthetics will perform a professional cleaning, the nutrition and hydration of the skin. After these procedures aligns the color of the face, reduces wrinkles, eliminates the swelling.
  • Begin to pay attention to your neck and the skin around the eyes.
  • The end of the day as well: with the cleaning and nutrition of the skin. Using cleansing milk and after this cleansing tonic kills two birds with one stone: the purification and nutrition of the skin. Make sure to remove makeup before bed, using specialized tools. Use a night cream for the face. It is more complex on the composition and to achieve that the skin has received all of the nutritional elements that it takes time and of course the lack of additional external exposure: the cosmetics, ecology, etc At night cream it is not mandatory to the content SPF-filter, and here, retinoids, collagen, ceramide, coenzyme very necessary. Try to pick up the cream, formed by these elements.
  • Every day do the self-massage and gymnastics of the face.

Do not forget that the skin is necessary to take care of all day (cleaning and moisturizing), weekly (peeling and mask), and during the whole year (in winter use more fatty of the cream, and use alcohol cosmetics, and in summer the cream with the sun with a protective filter).

Stages of care required for the skin after 30 years

Stages of skin care at any age remain the same. Is:

  1. Regular purification.
  2. Important to toning.
  3. Food and hydration.

But the skin that is exposed to the changes of age, requires a special treatment and the use of cosmetics. At this age, will not be sufficient to carry out the whole set of procedures for the night. Now cleanse, tone and nourish the face, you need 2 times a day. Carefully to approach to selection of product, use only those means that are suitable for your skin type. Do not use makeup, dubious of the producers.

Wash water and special detergents (foam, milk, etc). After cleaning the pitch of the tonic of the skin, or prepared herbal broth. In the morning, apply a day cream and night night. In the morning it is best to use a cream to moisturize, and at night to nourish the skin.

All the procedures will be the very little time (about 15 minutes a day), and the result will be awesome.

Care of the skin, fat face after 30

the care of a person of 30 years for the dry skin

For the type of fat of the skin characterized by the excess production of sebum, so in the face always is present the brightness unpleasant. Many women hide their large amount of midtones, which further pollutes the pores and gives rise to different rashes. In this can help, the appropriate choice of cosmetics. Wash in the morning, it is necessary to use the tools that are suitable for your skin type and tone produces a tonic alcohol-based lotion or. The alcohol dries out the skin and prevents the appearance of brightness is not desired. Do not use grease of the cream, the remains of the tool removes the aesthetic with a cloth.

Care of dry skin of the face after 30

The posesoras type dry skin faster appear of age wrinkles and lines of expression are more manifest. All for the fact that the skin can not maintain the proper amount of moisture. In this case, the skin is of vital importance the constant hydration. Buy micellar water spray and during the day applied on the face (the makeup is not affected). Eliminate the use of the tonics of the alcohol-based. He will dry up and without the dry skin. Necessarily lubricate and nourish the skin creams in the morning and at night. Women with dry skin is not desirable to make the procedure of exfoliation and peeling more often 1 time a week.

The care of the skin problemtica after 30

30 years of the women may not be for teens with acne, acne scars. If you have appeared, then this is a problem that you should consult your doctor or cosmetologist. The case is that the sarpullidosu the agency indicates that the signal of various diseases of the internal organs. Therefore, do not tighten with the gear in the health institution.

Owner of a skin problem like no other, must attend to a cosmetologist, to produce a professional cleaning of the person and use cosmetics that are recommended by the specialist.

The air of the cabin of the procedure

If the skin in 25 it is enough for beauty treatments that can be performed at home (pilling, masks, nutritious, etc), with the overcoming of the 30 years of the barrier of the care professional is simply necessary. Everything cooked on their own or purchased cosmetics act in the upper layers of the epidermis and do not completely resolve the problem. Only in the beauty salons can perform special procedures, which will influence deeply in the skin (remove it, saturate necessary components, smoothed the wrinkles). Here are some of them.

  • Chemical process deeply affects the skin, cleaning of Hot cells, the dirt, the dust, after which any cream or serum more deeply penetrates the skin and works better. This procedure has the purpose of healing and rejuvenation of the skin. Most customers report that wrinkles are less visible leaves of the inflammation, improves color of the face.
  • Lymphatic drainage massage – it is recommended to do 2 courses per year, 5 to 7 of the procedures. After him, the skin looks remarkably refreshed, improves microcirculation of the blood, smooth down the wrinkles in several months (especially in the area below the nose), the skin becomes firmer and visibly giving a truly rejuvenated.
  • Botox injection, hyaluronic acid, photo-rejuvenation, mesotherapy is a non-exhaustive list of procedures for skin rejuvenation and wrinkles removal. Before you put them in yourself, consult a dermatologist.

Beauty treatments at home

Attend to the aesthetics after 30 is very important, but no less important to the daily skin care at home. For the carrying out of any procedure you need or are going to buy, or hand-made cosmetics. In the first it may be doubted, scrubs, masks, toners of the natural ingredients didn't exactly do damage. For its preparation you need to of the ingredients that are in the kitchen and the medicine cabinet of every housewife. So you will save the family budget, delight the face and enjoy the fun of the proceedings.

Very useful for cleaning the face of milk, the most important thing to do is to clean the skin. You can leave in a couple of minutes, milk in the face, and then rinse with warm water.

For the dry skin and loose skin can prepare aloe juice and clean your face two times a day. After all, what could be better than the majority of the ingredients natural. In addition to, and not in vain, aloe use of major cosmetics manufacturers.

A mask made of fabric softener on the basis of banana

Take a banana, mash with a fork or in the blender, add 1 teaspoons of cream and 0.5 teaspoons of starch potatoes. Mix all ingredients and apply banana mask on the face. Through 15-20 minutes, rinse with water at room temperature.

The Green mask of the vitamin"

To prepare this mask, take the leaves of parsley, lettuce, celery. Grind it and use it to soft dough, which pour 1 teaspoons of oatmeal. Obtained the mass applied to the steam-person and over the 25-30 minutes, wash with cool water.

Facial mask rejuvenating with milk

To make this mask is very easy. Take the hot milk, add the flour and mix well. Should be a thick porridge. After that there pour 1 egg yolk and again mix well. Apply the mask on clean face for 20 minutes, and then wash and lubricate the skin with a nourishing cream.

Magical ice cubes

For tomorrow the tonic is perfectly suited to the herbal ice cubes. You will have that herbal cooking (chamomile, calendula, queue, color of the flower of linden, and others) pour into molds for ice and freeze. Every morning after cleaning the tone of the skin, by rubbing a piece of ice on the face and neck.

Fruit nutrition of the skin

In the summer do not forget the existence of treatments and masks nutritious of the fresh fruit. For its preparation it is ideal apricots, cherries, raspberries, strawberries, apples. By selecting an ingredient, stir and mush apply on face, avoiding the area of the lips and the eyes. Through 20-25 rinse with water at room temperature.

Special care for each area of the face

It is no secret that the thickness of the skin on all areas of the face different. They require an individual approach. In many parts of the purchase cosmetics manufacturer indicates in which areas can affect the use of the product.

Care of the skin around the eyes after 30 years

the care of a person of 30 years of house

The skin around the eyes is very thin, soft, and lacks the sufficient amount of sebaceous glands. Because of this, she needs constant humidifying. For the power to choose the cream with the mention "For the skin around the eyes". Do not use the cream that you put on the face for the skin around the eyes. He is too heavy for the delicate skin of this area, so that, he will only contribute to the education of the bags, or vice versa, stretch the skin under the eyes.

Applying cosmetics in the anonymity of the fingers, gently caressing. 2 times a week make a mask for this area. Every morning and before going to bed, do self-massage.

Do not apply the cream on the skin under the eyes before going to sleep. It is desirable to perform this procedure by an hour, because the moisturizer has fatty of the structure and if he will not have time to soak, in the morning, you will get the swelling and bags under the eyes.

The care of neck

The neck, as a person subject to a rapid aging. Why often we do not know the area.

The care of this area is quite simple, but very important. All of the masks, in addition to skraba, can be applied in the neck. Day and night cream for the face perfect for this area. To apply you need to gentle movements of the clavicle to the chin, avoiding sudden movements.